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Geologic Hazards Staff

See the Geologic Hazards page to learn more about DGGS hazard related projects and find helpful links to relevant information.

image of Athey, Jennifer E.

Athey, Jennifer E.

Geologist, (907) 451-5028

Chief, Geologic Hazards Section

image of Christian, Jessie E.

Christian, Jessie E.

Geologist, (907) 451-5010

Coastal Hazards Program

image of Herstand, Malcolm R.

Herstand, Malcolm R.

Natural Resource Specialist, (907) 451-5010

Hazards Program Instrumentation Specialist

image of Horen, Keith C.

Horen, Keith C.

GIS Analyst, (907) 269-8698

Coastal Hazards Program

image of Goodfellow, Paul J.

Goodfellow, Paul J.

Environmental Program Specialist, (907) 269-6401
image of Larsen, Mort C.

Larsen, Mort C.

Geologist, (907) 465-3771

Geologic hazards, hillslope processes, engineering geology, neotectonics, geomorphology, structural geology, lidar, and photogrammetry

image of Nicolazzo, Jill A.

Nicolazzo, Jill A.

Geologist, (907) 451-5010

Landslide Hazards Program

image of Nieminski, Nora M.

Nieminski, Nora M.

Geologist, (907) 754-3595

Coastal Hazards Program

image of Salisbury, J. Barrett

Salisbury, J. Barrett

Geologist, (907) 451-5974

Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards Program: Neotectonics, earthquake geology, paleoseismology, seismic hazards, tsunami hazards, tsunami source characterization, geomorphology, lidar, photogrammetry

image of Truskowski, Conner M.

Truskowski, Conner M.

Geologist, (907) 451-5010

Landslide Hazards Program

image of Wikstrom Jones, Katreen M.

Wikstrom Jones, Katreen M.

Hydrologist, (907) 451-5006

Climate and Cryosphere Hazards Program: Snow science, avalanche dynamics, geologic hazards, glaciology, remote sensing, GIS

image of Wolken, Gabriel J.

Wolken, Gabriel J.

Geologist, (907) 451-5018

Climate and Cryosphere Hazards Program: Glaciology, climatology, geomorphology, snow science, geologic hazards, remote sensing

image of Woodward, Allison D.

Woodward, Allison D.

Natural Resource Tech, (907) 451-5010

Radon Hazards and Outreach

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