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In Memoriam

Ronald Daanen, Justin Germann, and Tori Moore passed away tragically during a helicopter crash while doing hydrology and geology fieldwork in the Arctic Coastal Plain of Northwest Alaska on July 20, 2023. Whether collaborating on local, state, and global scientific research, ice carving, climbing, taking part in life's adventures, or helping others, their lives impacted and inspired many. Their intellect, companionship, and kindness will be greatly missed.

Ronnie Daanen

Ronald P. Daanen May 10, 1972 - July 20, 2023

Cold-climate hydrology, permafrost, slope stability, programming and modeling, drainage systems, groundwater resources, and water flow in snow

Justin Germann

Justin T. Germann September 14, 1995 - July 20, 2023

Alternative energy, hydrated minerals, cold climate hydrology and geomorphology, planetary evolution

Tori Moore

Tori J. Moore January 18, 1997 - July 20, 2023

Geochemistry, planetary science, environmental science, microbiology, and field geology

  • Measuring snow depth above the Barry Arm Landslide
  • Collecting data in Southeast Alaska
  • Installing sensors on the North Slope
  • Leading a permafrost field trip into Goldstream Valley
  • Setting up a GNSS base station on ridge above Barry Glacier
  • Geologic fieldwork in the proposed triangle road area, northwest Alaska
  • Measuring stream discharge, Arctic Coastal Plain
  • Setting up a weather station, Arctic Coastal Plain
  • Hydrology fieldwork, National Petroleum Reserve
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