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Access Samples

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Identify Samples

general map of GMC energy and mineral sample locations

Our on-line inventory dataset includes sample material from oil and gas wells, mineral prospects, surface samples, and additional metadata for most archived samples. The interactive inventory interface allows users to quickly view details of the sample repository before visiting the facility. If you do not find materials appropriate to your research needs, please contact GMC staff for help. We have search capabilities not available through the web search interface.

View Samples

main GMC viewing room

Pre-arrange details of your visit with the GMC Curator.

The GMC offers both public and private viewing rooms, overhead "daylight" track lighting, counters, sinks, LED stereoscopes, and digital balances. Visitors may bring their own specialty equipment, personal Wi-fi access must be pre-arranged with the Curator before the visit. High quality Zeiss petrographic and stereographic microscopes with a high quality photographic attachment are available separately. No samples may be taken.

Analyze Samples

core closeup of bioturbation

Removal of material for analysis must be approved by the GMC Curator. Investigators should submit an abstract of the proposed sampling plan that includes justification of scientific work and a detailed sample plan. The Curator will examine the scientific merit for use of a finite sample resource and determine if there are sufficient materials to achieve valid analytical results. All data results and unused remaining materials must be returned to the GMC within 9 months of the sample date.

Need to Know

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Please Read Viewing and Sampling Policy

Many questions and details for enjoying use of the GMC collections are covered in this document.


Potential costs of viewing inventory can only be estimated by GMC staff. Qualifying research, educational, or government institutions may receive these services at no cost.


Kurt Johnson
GMC Curator
Phone: 907-754-3597
Email: kurt.johnson@alaska.gov

Hours & Location

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm
Closed for State Holidays

3651 Penland Parkway
Suite 135
Anchorage, AK 99508
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