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Community & Education

UAA community core workshop

Tours & Activities

colorful kids dinosaur sketch

Want a tour of the GMC? It's fun and educational—all ages (and classes) are welcome!

We have fossils, rock core, hand samples, and glass slide samples to show. Come and learn a little about Alaska's geology.

Call or email to schedule a tour with the GMC Curator. At least two week's notice is appreciated.

UAA Core Workshop

detailed description by UAA student

UAA Professor Dr. Jennifer Aschoff hosts an annual core workshop every December, where students show off their core projects.

UAA geology students taking Dr. Aschoff's Stratigraphy course describe and interpret a section of Alaska energy wells and outline their findings in poster presentations.

This is an open house event and everyone is encouraged to come and discuss the student's findings.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer describes depositional environment for cores

Interested in helping out with the Alaska sample collections? The GMC has several volunteer opportunities available including: curation and data entry of maps, core, fossils, hand samples and slides.

Contact the GMC Curator with inquiries.


Kurt Johnson
GMC Curator
Phone: 907-754-3597
Email: kurt.johnson@alaska.gov

Hours & Location

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm
Closed for State Holidays

3651 Penland Parkway
Suite 135
Anchorage, AK 99508
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