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Seismic & Well Data Summary

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The Alternative Credit for Oil and Gas Exploration (AS 43.55.025) and Tax Credit for Certain Losses and Expenditures (AS 43.55.023) provides for the collection and eventual public release of geological and geophysical exploration data and information. Data and information are generally eligible for public release 2 or 10 years following completion of the exploration activity and will be made available through the Geologic Materials Center (GMC). This incentive is designed to encourage exploration of Alaska's energy basins through better availability of advanced geologic datasets that can help lower exploration costs.

Seismic Data Content & Organization

Seismic surveys available through the GMC were submitted to the Division of Oil and Gas (DOG), where they have been inventoried, reviewed, and prepared for public release following the confidentiality period specified in AS 43.55.025. The files delivered to the GMC for public release include up to three directories for each survey, titled "Poststack," "Prestack," and "Support." The following information applies in general terms to the data available through this program; survey-specific information is accessible from the interactive map and online data request form.

Poststack Data

seg-y plot

The Poststack directory includes seismic volumes processed, at least, through the stacking stage. These represent the "initial processing" products provided to the state by the tax credit applicant, suitable for conventional seismic interpretation and structural mapping. Volume types vary from survey to survey, but examples include migrated stack, unmigrated stack, partial angle stacks, etc. The seismic volumes in this directory will be in SEG-Y format. ReadMe text files generated by DOG staff are included where appropriate to provide useful information about the data, grouped with the file(s) to which they relate.

Prestack Data

The Prestack directory includes unstacked data, such as raw field records, and common depth point gathers. The field records are the starting point for seismic processing and most reprocessing. The field records may be in either SEG-Y or SEG-D format and the gathers will be in SEG-Y format. Field records found or suspected to be unsuitable for reprocessing will be made available at a discounted price, i.e., no charge for the portion of the data in question. Again, ReadMe text files are included where appropriate to provide useful information about the data, grouped with the file(s) to which they relate.

Support Data

The Support directory includes information about the survey that will be useful for users of both poststack and prestack datasets; this directory is included in every transaction, whether the user obtains poststack, prestack, or both directories. Contents vary by survey, but examples of support files include acquisition and processing reports, navigation data, velocity data, observer's logs, bin center locations (3D), post-plot maps, load sheets, permitting-related files, etc.

Geophysical Well Data

Well data made public through Statute include "all analyses conducted on physical material, and well logs collected from the well, results, and copies of data collected and data analyses for the well, including well logs; sample analysis; testing geophysical and velocity data including seismic profiles and check shot surveys; testing data and analyses; age data; geochemical analyses, and tangible material." Note that the Statute does not specify or require any particular data to be collected, but does specify if that data is collected, it is required to be submitted and eventually made available to the public.

In most cases well data available through the GMC (DNR) will significantly overlap data available through the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC). Specific areas where additional data will be released here related to tax credits are velocity surveys (VSP and check shot surveys, which are not available through the AOGCC) and some additional analyses reports. The AOGCC's public database of wells contains scanned images of well history, production and injection information. Digital well log data is also available upon request. Find out more by contacting AOGCC Customer Service.

Data Request Guidelines

The available geophysical data (and their associated fees) are listed on our online data request form. Please see our Seismic Data FAQ for shipping instructions and other information. Contact the GMC should you have any questions regarding the ordering and data transfer process.

Seismic and Well Data Fees

Fees for services at the GMC became effective November 9, 2017 and have been updated July 1, 2019. Set by DGGS Director's Order, the fees will help offset operational costs, solidify the long term viability of the facility, and recoup the costs to the state of distributing the seismic data. All well data is free of charge.


Kurt Johnson
GMC Curator
Phone: 907-754-3597
Email: kurt.johnson@alaska.gov

Ordering Data: What to Expect

  1. Submit seismic data order form
  2. Determine no-cost waiver status
  3. Receive email with invoice and terms
  4. Payment via credit card, wire, or check
  5. Data sent express when payment clears

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