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Fortymile Mining District Geophysical Survey

The Fortymile electromagnetic and magnetic airborne geophysical survey data were acquired with a DIGHEM-V Electromagnetic (EM) system and a cesium magnetometer. The EM and magnetic sensors were flown at a height of 30 meters (m). In addition the survey recorded data from radar and laser altimeters, a GPS navigation system, 50/60 Hz monitors and a video camera. Flights were performed with an AS-350-B2 Squirrel helicopter at a mean terrain clearance of 60 m along N-S survey flight lines with a spacing of 400 m. Tie lines were flown perpendicular to the flight lines at intervals of approximately 4,800 m

Available Data Metadata Overview
File Name Data File Format File Size Info
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-vector-data Vector data 119.5 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-maps-prn Plot files 19.8 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-geosoft-database Linedata Geosoft format database 109.7 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-grids-geosoft Gridded data Geosoft format 69.8 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-grids-ermapper Gridded data ER Mapper 70.4 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-kmz Google Earth files 1.9 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-images Georeferenced raster files 34.2 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-documents Adobe PDF files 18.2 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-maps-pdf Adobe PDF files 53.9 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-profiles-stacked Adobe PDF files 568.5 M Read me
Download gpr2015_004_fortymile-geophys-ascii-data ASCII tabular files 211.0 M Read me


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