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Pilgrim Hot Springs CSAMT Geophysical Survey

Pilgrim Hot Springs is in the Seward Peninsula, western Alaska, approximately 60 road miles north of Nome. Pilgrim Hot Springs has reported surface temperatures ranging from 145 degrees F to 160 degrees F (63 degrees C-71 degrees C) (Miller and others, 1973; Motyka and others, 1983). Due to the proximity to a large community, Pilgrim Hot Springs is considered a potential resource for providing power or direct-use heat. As a pilot study to inform ongoing investigation of the subsurface geology of Pilgrim Hot Springs, DGGS staff collected 29 controlled source and natural source audio magnetotelluric (CSAMT) readings to develop resistivity models of the study area. This data release provides Stratogem format raw data and resistivity models and depth slice grids in ASCII text and GeoTIFF format.


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