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Short notes on Alaska Geology 1995

Bibliographic Reference

Combellick, R.A., and Tannian, Fran, eds., 1995, Short notes on Alaska Geology 1995: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Professional Report 117, 116 p. https://doi.org/10.14509/2316

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Age Dates; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Brooks Range; C14; CIPW Norms; Carbonates; Conodonts; Depositional Environment; Devonian; Evaporites; Faulting; Fossils; Geochemistry; Geochronology; Glacial Geology; Glacial Processes; Gold; Hydrology; Major Oxides; Marine Transgressions; Measured Stratigraphic Section; Metamorphism; Mineralogy; Mining; Modal Analysis; Ore Deposit Model; Paleontology; Palynology; Peat; Petroleum; Pleistocene; Reconstructions; Reservoir Evaluation; Sedimentation; Seward Peninsula; Stratigraphy; Structure; Surface Water; Tectonics; Thermal Alteration Index; Vegetation

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